Electric retractable power screens are the perfect way to maximize your enjoyment of Florida’s climate.  During the cooler winter months they can be closed to allow a breeze throughout the house without fear of bugs coming in, or animals and children getting out.  In the heat, they can be left open during the day to create a large open area from your patio out to your pool. Or, closed, to reduce the heat and sunlight into your patio or other living area.  At night, the screens can be closed while you still enjoy the fresh air and your outdoor kitchen, without concern for bugs.

Each retractable power screen is custom fitted to blend discreetly with your patio, balcony, garage door or veranda.    Using a remote control, you open and close the screens as you desire.  The power screens retract into a discreet, slim (4.5 x 4.5 inches) housing mounted above or under the opening (or completely recessed if incorporated during preconstruction). 

Create a pleasant area to work or just to sit and enjoy the breeze in your own garage.  Once you lower the power screen with a touch of the remote control, you will have a private and bug-free environment in which to work on your car or DIY project .

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